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Guinea Fowl Pelt
Wholesale Price $10.00
Mixed Macaw Wing Feathers 7-13" - per feather
Wholesale Price $2.00
EACH (minimum order quantity 10 feathers)
Porcupine Quills 5-6" - each
Wholesale Price $0.40
each (minimum order quantity 50 quills)
Ostrich Egg Shells - Each -
Wholesale Price $25.00
Tanned Rabbit Pelt, Dyed Black - each
Wholesale Price $7.50
per pelt
Tanned Rabbit Pelt, Dyed Grey - each
Wholesale Price $7.50
per pelt
Folding Marabou Fan - Purple & Black
Wholesale Price $4.25
Image Unavailable
Nylon-Poly Plastic Storage Bag 6 mil - Custom Sized
Wholesale Price $10.00
These are the Poly Nylon Plastic Bags we use in our warehouse to keep moths out. Moth larvae connot eat through this plastic. A reusable zip tie is included with purchase. Bag will be custom sized to fit your order.