Strung Goose Coquille 3-4" Dyed Green - per 1/2 lb

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per half pound (about 4 yards)
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Our Goose Coquilles are strung and sized 3-4". They are sold in half pound increments and there are about 4 yards of strung feathers in a half pound. Each half pound contains roughly 2,800 feathers.

Goose Coquilles are most commonly used to make traditional Hawaiian Feather Leis. Though we have many colors to choose from, there are 8 colors that are most commonly used to represent each of the Hawaiian Islands.

Molokai – Green

Green is the official color of Molokai, which suits the small, largely rural island that sits between Maui and Oahu. The island flower is actually the Candlenut Tree, or Pua Kukui. The flowers on this tree are tiny, white and found in clusters. Leis are made from the peeled and then polished Kukui nuts, found in both black and spotted brown varieties. Hawaii designated the Pua Kukui as the official state tree in 1959.