Strung Goose Coquille 3-4" Bleached White - per 1/2 lb

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per half pound (about 4 yards)
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Our Goose Coquilles are strung and sized 3-4". They are sold in half pound increments and there are about 4 yards of strung feathers in a half pound. Each half pound contains roughly 2,800 feathers.

Goose Coquilles are most commonly used to make traditional Hawaiian Feather Leis. Though we have many colors to choose from, there are 8 colors that are most commonly used to represent each of the Hawaiian Islands.

Niihau – White

Sitting off Kauai’s western coast, the privately owned island of Niihau’s official color is white. Visitors rarely make it onto Niihau but the island's famed shell leis are prized souvenirs. On the pricey side, they are found in high end jewelry stores throughout Hawaii and through online vendors. The shells used to make these leis, called pupu, are the official lei making materials of Niihau. Some of the shells are white, but they also come in pinks, tans and peach tones.