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Our feathers been used in a number of well-known movies, TV shows, Broadway Plays, and popular Las Vegas stage shows.
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Family owned and operated in the U.S. since 1968 and are currently in the 3rd generation of our family's business.

Featured Items

Reeves Pheasant | Pheasant Tail Feathers for Sale
Reeves Pheasant " Bird in a Bag"
Wholesale Price $25.00
All the feathers from a complete Reeves Pheasant Pelt; washed plucked, and separated.
Chinchilla Ostrich Wing Feathers | Wholesale Ostrich Wing Feathers
Chinchilla Ostrich Wing Feathers 18-24" - per 1/4 lb
Wholesale Price $56.25
per quarter pound (about 25 pcs)
Ostrich Drabs 14-18" Bleached Off White - per 1/2 lb
Wholesale Price $125.00
per half pound (about 120 pcs)
Strung Rooster Neck Hackle 4-6" Furnace - per lb
Wholesale Price $45.00
per pound (about 6 yards)