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Wholesale Ostrich Feathers | Feathers in Bulk

Wholesale Ostrich Feathers - If you need Wholesale Feathers such as Ostrich Feathers for wedding centerpieces or you're an artist who uses feathers, we have the widest selection of decorative fancy feathers in bulk for you to choose from. Our selection of Ostrich Feathers include Drabs, Spads, and plush Wing Plumes. Drabs are excellent for small centerpieces, costumes, masks, art projects, and floral arrangements. Our White Ostrich Wing Plumes are the best for use in wedding centerpieces. They are available in two sizes and a wide variety of colors. Ostrich Spads are an economical alternative to long Drabs. Spads can also be used for art projects, floral arrangements and just about all the other possible applications as drab feathers. Wing Plumes are the longest and most beautiful of all Ostrich Feathers. During Mardi Gras and Carnival, you can see these large plumes in brightly dyed Red, Green, and Gold. Event Planners use the longest White Wing Plumes they can find for their gorgeous Eiffel Tower style wedding centerpieces and other decorations.

Wholesale Peacock Feathers | Cut Peacock Eye Feathers Wholesale Peacock Feathers - We are also one of the country's largest importers of the most beautiful, decorative, Peacock Feathers. Paired with Natural Pheasant Feathers, Peacock Feathers provide a wonderful accent to dried flower arrangements. Cut Eyed Peacock Feathers are a staple to mask and decorative fan makers and are popular for crafts and art projects. We have Peacock Tail Feathers in bulk with a number of brightly dyed colors and hand washed Body Plumage available by the pound or ounce. Blue and Gold Peacock Plumage is very popular for making jewelry. The iridescent blue, gold, and green colors create a striking effect when light hits the feathers. We also carry Mottled Peacock Wing Quills. They are a beautiful decorative item, but most commonly used for fishing fly patterns. Since we are wholesale feathers importers, we can offer the some of the most competitive prices for peacock feathers anywhere. Available in bulk, we have peacock feathers in five different sizes and available in any quantity. 

Chandelle Feather Boas | Wholesale Feathers Wholesale Feather Boas - Chandelle Boas, Turkey Flat Boas, and feather trims are available in many different colors and sizes. Chandelle Boas come in 50 gram, 80 gram, and 120 gram weights. Chandelle Boas are the most popular choice for economy and style. Lighter weight boas can be used for anything from feather trim on purses, pillows, and lamp shades to fashion accessories, halloween costumes, and princess parties. Medium weight boas share all the same uses but are a bit more full and fluffy looking. Medium Weight 80 gram Chandelle Boas are our most popular size because they are very nice and plush without the price of the heavier weight boas. Though we have many colors to choose from, not all Boas are available in every color all the time. White, Black, Pink, Red, and Purple Feather Boas are always the most popular and are almost always available in every style and size. Turkey Flat Feather Boas are one of the most glamorous boas available. They are the biggest, most full looking boas we have in inventory. They really must be seen to fully appreciate. 

Wholesale Pheasant Feathers | Pheasant Tail Feathers Wholesale Pheasant Feathers - We have an enormous inventory of Pelts and Tail Feathers from five different types of Pheasant! Pheasant Tail Feathers have many uses. Florists use pheasant feathers to create beautiful and unique looking flower arrangements. Fishing fly tiers use all types of pheasant feathers to tie fly patterns ranging from commercial grade flies to classic show quality salmon flies. Danzantes Aztecas use long Reeves Pheasant Tail Feathers in their coplilis to create a magnificent effect, along with Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers for accents and fillers. Pheasant Body Plumage is commonly used for Native American artwork like dream catchers, mandelas, and jewelry. Most Ringneck Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, and Lady Amherst Pheasant Body Plumage is available loose or strung. These feathers are used for Tongan ceremonial mats as well as Hawaiian feather leis and hat bands. Our Dyed Ringneck Pheasant Pelts are incredibly stunning and produce an effect that does not exist in nature. These things are very cool! 

Turkey Rounds Wholesale Turkey Feathers - Wild and Domestic Turkey Feathers also have a number of uses. We have turkey body and wing feathers available from Wild Bronze Turkeys, which are mostly used for fishing fly tying and Native American arts, crafts, and regalia. Our Turkey Body Plumage, also called T-Base, is available in Iridescent Natural Bronze as well as many different dyed colors. They are very popular craft feathers. Turkey Wing Feathers are also available in a large selection of colors and available in bulk. We have a complete selection of dyed and natural Turkey Marabou. Turkey Marabou is a soft feather which is mostly fluff. Marabou is a very popular feather used to tie many different types of fishing flies. We carry 13 different dyed colors of marabou in stock as well as raw natural white in 4 different sizes. Aside from fly tying, Turkey Marabou is used by Native Americans, Danzantes Aztecas, and are very popular feathers for arts and crafts. We also have very nice Barred Wild Turkey Wing Pointer Feathers available in bulk quantities. These feathers make wonderful calligraphy quills as the barrels are closed and very hard. Turkey Pointer Feathers are also used to make arrow fletching for traditional, ceremonial, and decorative arrows. 

Rooster Tail Feathers Wholesale Rooster Feathers - Rooster Feathers are available in many different sizes and colors. Our Stripped Dyed Rooster Tail Feathers are a very popular millinery item. They are very fancy and available in four colors including red and purple which are used for Red Hat Society apparel. We have long dyed and natural Rooster Tail Feathers which are used most commonly by Danzantes Aztecas. Rooster Tail feathers are also very popular for Polynesian head dresses. Our Dyed Rooster Tail Feathers are available in 14-16"and 16-18" sizes, and we now offer them in up to 12 different colors. Aside from dyed colors, we also carry 3 different shades of natural colors. The most popular of course is the Natural Black Rooster Tail Feathers. Also called Natural Bronze. The Natural Black has a shiney green iridescence that is quite striking in natural sunlight. Our Half Bronze Rooster Tail Feathers are mostly Bronze with strips of natural reddish brown running vertically throughout the feather. Grey Chinchilla Rooster Tail Feathers are very unique looking feathers in that they have a natural grey barring pattern that runs horizontally. 

Strung Rooster Saddle, Schlappen, Neck Hackle - Browse our selection of Dyed and Natural Strung Rooster Saddle Hackles . We have almost 30 different colors in stock! Native American Fancy Dancers use the longest Strung Saddle Hackles to adorn their vibrantly decorated bustles. Some of our colors are so bright it almost hurts to look at them. Our Strung Rooster Hackles are perfect to use as trim around fancy feathered pillows, purses, and designer clothing. Natural Colored Saddles are another commonly used item for Native American arts and crafts such as mandelas and dream catchers, as well as jewelry and other decorative items. Strung Schlappen and Neck Hackle can also be seen on our Saddle Hackle page. Schlappen is an item commonly used by fishing fly tiers. Long Rooster Schlappen is used to tie a number of different streamer patterns. Schlappen is available in three different natural patterns as well as a selection of dyed colors. 

Hair Feathers / Genetic Rooster Saddles Wholesale Hair Feathers / Genetic Rooster Saddles - a.k.a Hair Feathers, were originally created for tying fishing flies, but over the past few years their creative applications have expanded far beyond that. These feathers are most popular for hair extensions but they're also being used for hair fascinators, feather earrings, and crafts of all sorts. These feathers can grow up to 16" in length but generally average around 12-14". You will get feathers of all sizes from 4" and up on an individual patch, but each patch typically has no fewer than 100 feathers that are over 10" in length.